Dr Oz: What Causes Anemia?

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Now let's turn around here and get to this big contraption I brought to you. So let's just pretend that this is the blood of your body circulating around taking all the fluid where it needs to go. It has no value to you unless there're red blood cells in it and the red blood cells like this little candies, will go into the blood and will slowly percolate their way down.

You guys all see this? This is what you want. Now, take that and throw it in there. No, I'm blocking you. Now why am I blocking you? One of the problems that happens so frequently is that we don't actually have enough iron in our body. You don't have any iron in your body, you can't drop in the red cells, because the red cells aren't there to be carried through your system.

So, that's the first problem with [xx]. The classic problem that causes that, of course, is that you're not getting enough iron in your diet, which we're going to talk about in a second. The second problem, as I grab these out of my iron skillet, which I'll get to, is that you don't have I built the ability to maintain the blood that you have in you body where it's supposed to be.

So, go ahead and drop those in there. Put them all in there at once there we are, you had a great job but what it happens even if and you're supposed to eat can pull [xx] this tap here that could be menstruation you all see this that could be bleeding from another source could be bleeding in your intestinal truck, in your urine lots of causes of blood loss exist, but they all result in the same little problem there is no fluid to carry the blood cells around and you lose the red blood cells in the process which means you have to replenish yourself that is the second problem.

So we have inadequate iron making red cells and loss of blood menstruation being typically why women are anemic. There is a third reason have you ever heard of sickle cell anemia? And [xx]? Those are caused because these precious red cells that you have which are carried through the body so beautifully get broken by the immune system and when that happens you end up with blood cells that no longer are functional and they can't carry the oxygen with them when that happens.

So there's a few reasons that you might be anaemic so what are you going to do.