When to Buy Organic Food

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We've talked a lot about why you should buy our organic fruit, vegetable, dairy and even chicken. Today, I'm taking on organic packaged foods. Showing you which ones need this snapped up the next time market, and which ones you can escape all together. Let's get started. I've asked first up is Christine.

Welcome Christine, how are you? Fine thank you. Each of you is going to taste test one of these options. You're going to have to tell me which one is the organic version in case of peanut butter, and which one is not the organic butter, okay, which one we'll taste first? That one second.

There we go. Yummy. See what I say by the say versus, see, and she gets to organic one. How good is Christine at this? The first one, taste better. This is, are you organic? Yes, this is organic, and she's right. Oh, thanks! [xx] I feel so much better. Organic peanut butter is an important selection, you know why? Because normally, we put pesticides around peanuts in order to protect them from mold.

Because they're susceptible to mold, and so when you process them, and they're not organic all that goes into the peanut butter. Organic versions of peanuts are kept very dry, so the mold can't grow on them, so you don't have to use pesticides. So, it costs a little bit more about a dollar extra per jar, I get that.

I get that but the benefit of getting this is you avoid the pesticide, and the barley often use you can skip the organic bread, just get the 100% whole grain bread you can make the next PB&J that way. Yummy. Good to go. Come on up Cathy. Alright [xx]. Lets see cereal. You got a lot of them in the house? Yes, I have a two-year old.

You do, Yeah, alright. Let's see if you can pick out which is the organic one, you can just grab it between your fingers. Very [xx]mothers to pallet, very crunchy. That's the crunchy one, taste that one. She is going on crunchier as your this is one is thicker I think this is the organic one.

They're so good, it's the organic foods in Archfiend. There are two reasons that I like organic cereals. The first thing is there are no pesticides in organic cereals, huge advantage the other is there are no genetically modified soya com products in organics cereals two big advantages.

Now, here's the point, organic foods are not more expensive usually than regular cereals. They can opt to be less expensive than big brannian[sp?] kind of pasta [xx]. So, you're good to go all categories? Yes. Perfect thank you very much. Next up is Kindy, Kindy, Kindy, Kindy this is one of the biggest problems I think we got in America ketch-ups.

Organic versus not food challenge. Most of them have organic ketch up available, did you know that? Yes I did. Now, do you want to use a spoon or finger for this? A spoon. I thought so, which is organic, which is not? Yes, this is it. Thats Number one, or she isn't she just want to mix spoons.

Piece of narcotic color, the texture that continue with the pallet. Which one you think? This one is the organic and this is one is not. You are pretty confidence? Yes. And why is that. The organic one is darker because it's more natural ingredients, this is a little sweater. You are absolutely right, and more sugar.

Absolutely right. A lot of folks they were organic ketch up, they was surprised that they even existed but researchers have found the organics cases of twice, twice the anti-oxidants of convectional ketch ups that means you have all these extra nutrients help prevent wrinkles even fight off cancer so if you get to use the benefits of tomatoes get the organic version and keep them, but again the stroke boat is less little expensive.

Okay. Here is how is done and finally, welcome Dr. Allen. Thank you. Let's talk about frozen foods. I've got a whole meal here, are you going to taste these, and see which ones you like? Give it a shot here. She just start to [xx] pallet going to work, so big by isn't it? Yes. Now, tell me what you are thinking as you eat this.

Good, bad thinking to throw, not sure, he didn't like that one. It stays healthy. Alright. Taste this version. A lot of different to these things so it's lots given mine you are picking organic versus not hard to decide isn't it. That taste healthy. You say is healthy? Yeah. But, interestingly this is the organic one.

Wow! so I don't know why that is but it's the only one that head fin. Organic versions are beneficial for a lot of reasons. The only thing I'd say is an exception are vegetables. Okay. Fair enough. Well, there you have it. We're going to have four foods that I want you to go organic for next time you buy packaged goods in stores.

Thank you very much.