How Can I Avoid Buying Alternative Medicines that Don't Work?

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Step number two is to understand when you look at this, when you're buying supplements what the claims is all about. You can really evaluate the claims and understand which once are faulty that helps a lot, so give us some tips for avoiding false claims. Okay, so the more specific the claim, the higher chance that it's accurate.

If it's very broad a cure or a snake oil is likely too good to be true. Their is no such thing as a magic pill. So, if someone is just showing miracle cure, guarantee weight loss, anti-ager step back. Okay, the last step in my guide to buying alternative medicine supplements is determine their safety.

So, what are the best ways to find out if something is safe to you to take? Speak with your health care provider because even if they don't know they can use resources like natural standard and educate themselves, and work with you to personalize your care. Look at the clinical data.

So, we've talked about three lessons for the guide, right? Lets supply them just to be practical about it to the three most used supplements in America today which are fish oil, glucosamine and echinacea. So, using those three steps in the guide talk to me about how these rank.

So, fish oil and echinacea[sp?] has been around the longest, Glucosamine is a little newer on the market, it is derived from a natural product however. So, based on the natural standard grading scale Fish oils actually gets an A for a number of cardiovascular conditions, it's on the New York Heart Association Guidelines as being recommended to take, and it has made its way on to hospital formularies and been covered by insurance companies now.

So, that's a leg into conventional medicine. Glucosamine gets an A for knee-osteoarthritis, and it currently gets a grade of a B for other types of osteoarthritis. What about like an issue where we heard there was a controversy in your earlier segment? It's very controversial, the studies that the doctor earlier was referring to, are for prevention but there is actually good scientific evidence that echinacea can assist in decreasing symptoms once you already have an upper respiratory tract infection and its natural, cost effective.

And the last step, these are all pretty safe and that's probably why they're so popular. Dr. Albright, thats wonderful to have you with us. Likewise. Now, remember if you see a product that says that I have endorsed it think twice because the only think that I endorse folks is information.

That way you make your decisions as you want to make them, our national standards is going to offer free login of all of our viewers, all you got to do is go to you get all the information about it, you can get advantage where I think is the wonderful resources what we use to figure out what things makes sense for you to put in your mouth.

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