Are There Alternative Therapies for Seasonal Allergies?

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I have terrible, terrible seasonal allergies, and I've had them since I was a child, I've tried different medications and I really have been searching for a way to handle them in a different way other than that. I think its a very big question actually. I think this year was one of the worst allergy seasons ever.

So I know there are lots of folks out there with the exact same question, Dr. Cass let's start off. Okay, the way we've organized this is Dr. Cass is going to give us the conventional medical approach although he does a lot of integrative work, Dr. Cass will take it from there as the morning grave approaches it, and Dr.Mao will give us nutrition Chinese approach it some of the ones you've never heard of it as well, Dr.

Cass. Sorry about that Tasha, you do have a lot of company this year. Well, Mehmet of course, the conventional approach will begin with allergy testing to determine what are the principle causes of those environmental allergies. Some people benefit enormously from desensitization, so that would be exposure to the particular antigen, the thing causing the allergy until your body gets used to it in terms of medical treatment, combinations of antihistamines, and decongestants and sometimes there can be in specific targeted therapy anti inflammatory nasal spray or anti inflammatory eye drops that those are the areas that are bothering in particular.

So we're all clear what conventional medicine would say about this, it works often, but sometimes, not as well as we'd like. Dr. Cass what any rate any medical practitioner offer? What I like to give my patients for allergies and it's been very effective. Vitamin C in large doses, Quercetin, Romolin, which is a natural antihistamine and stinging nettles.

And what's nice is you can actually buy formulas at the health food store that have combinations of this, you don't have to remember how to spell them. Dr. Mao from a traditional Chinese perspective, what would you say? Well Tasha actually there's many thing you can do just right from your kitchen cabinet.

In fact this remedy came out of my book, Secrets of Self Healing. Take sailing water, which is salt water, warm salt water, and all you have to do is just add one drop of peppermint oil. So, let's see. Well let's get this here and one drop. Lets see how brave you are. So go ahead and try it, I've got the tissue waiting for you.

It's clean it's never been used, but, so what it does is that the peppermint oil really stimulates, and helps to clear up the sinus cavity right away, the nasal passage and the sailing salt water helps to reduce the swelling, you see. So now she's going to be pretty much draining and that will clear her up instantly.

How do you feel? It feels great, it feels great. Very soothing, very soothing yes. There you go. You feel pretty [INAUDIBLE] ? Thank you very much. Thank you.