What Are Natural Treatments for Allergies?

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There are a lot of natural treatment for allergies. When I see patients coming for allergies one of the first things I like to do, is start them on a little acupuncture, because I find acupuncture is very, very helpful to sort of calm the body, and calm the histaminic response. A lot of times when we have allergies we take antihistamines, and histamines are these little chemicals that the immune system releases that gives us a lot of those allergy symptoms. So one way you can do is take a antihistamine drug, but those often times make people feel drowsy. There's a lot of point in acute puncture that can help calm the body without having to resort to the drug. So I find acupuncture is great. I find using nasal rinses are very important especially for the seasonal allergies, because nasal rinses will help you clear some of the things that are irritants that create those allergic and histaminic symptoms.

I may also find working on food allergies are helpful because if you're eating foods you're allergic to then the body is much more reactive and the typical foods people are allergic to, the top two are usually cow and dairy products, and then gluten, and wheat for most people, not everybody. It's a little different for everybody, but those are the first two I usually pick on.

And then there's someone wonderful nutrients to help stabilize the histamine and the immune system, Vitamin C is very, very good for that, and then there's a bio-flavonoids which is found in a lot of fruits called corsatine which is very good for that as well. Another anti-inflammatory, antiallergic supplement will be bromelain which comes from pineapple and that can also help lower inflammation too.

I like to use a whole lot of things when I'm working on allergies to help sort of reduce the load, and help get people feeling better faster.