Vitamin B-Rich Foods Can Help Control Allergies

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with your health tip for the day. It's a good one if you suffer from allergies. Eat plenty of vitamin B rich foods especially those with lots of folate, also known as vitamin B9 and folic acid. That's because folate improves your immune system's ability to stand up to common allergies.

One study found that the people who got the most folate had a 31% lower risk of allergy symptoms, like watery eyes or runny nose and eczema, than people with the lowest folic levels, and they had a 40% lower risk of wheezing. So aim for the recommended 700 mg of folate everyday. You'll find it anything green like spinach and legumes like lentils, many breads, cereals and other grains are also to fortified with it even if you're not prone to allergies you'll want to get your folic.

The super vitamin also helps spends up heart disease and birth defects. Watch all of our smart health tips right here for other simple ways to live better.