Tame Your Allergies With Yogurt

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. Want to snuff out the sniffles? Well, try a serving of yogurt for breakfast to combat allergies. Your gastrointestinal track naturally place host to a variety of bacteria, but in people who suffer from allergies, those bacteria levels are a little off. Researchers think that probiotics, beneficial bacteria in yogurt may help shift the balance of bugs back to a healthier status. It helps support the immune system. In a recent study, seasonal allergy sufferers who consumed a probiotic fortified drink vs arecibo, showed lower levels of the immune substances that contribute to allergies. But remember, if you have allergies, it's best to nip symptoms in the butt so they don't turn into some thing more serious like asthma or sinus infection. So if you want to bring your hay fever to a hold, try adding a cup of yorgurt to your breakfast routine, for a natural way to tame the sneezing and sniffle.

Pretty knock on good, and even if you don't like yogurt, you can even get your probiotics in a pill form. For more information on allergies, check out all our health tips, right here.