How Can I Prevent Itchy Eyes If I Have Allergies?

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As close as we get to the worst allergy season ever, but not if you know how to get relief in a hurry. That's why today I'm revealing the best quick cures for seasonal allergies. Allergies doctor Dr. Clifford Bassett is back with us, let's discuss the first quick cure for your allergies.

It's your eyes, what works? 80% of people according to recent surveys have itchy eyes, it's driving them crazy, the pawn[sp?] is adhering to their eyes and eyelids, we have some strategies here to deal with that. So walk me through one of them, I love your sunglasses, I love that idea.

>>Sunglasses are a trick that allergists know about very well, and basically what it does is on a windy day or not, it blocks a lot of the pawn[sp?] from entering your eyes, less allergy suffering, you're going to feel better. These are real Jackie O sunglasses. You like that? What else do you have there? Baby shampoo, what's that for? What we want to do is you wash you face in morning, but what you want to know is that by taking little baby shampoo and mixing it with water.

Very gently you can style it around your eyelids. Remove a lot of that pesky bond that has been hanging around. Push it away. Reduce your symptoms, you're going to feel better see better and you feel more clean. I had no idea there was a pond of [xx] getting into your eyes, above where you have to be big glass this together right? You can even wash your glasses if you wear glasses especially if you've been outside, pollen accumulates you want to get rid of it.

And finally why do you have to use medications for? Well this is a eye drop antihistamine, block histamine is great for itchiness which is a main symptom that people have eye allergies that gore along with seasonal allergies it works once a day, gets the job done.