How Can I Alleviate My Allergies?

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Itching, wheezing, swelling. You know what that means? It's allergy season, but you may not need to spend your time or your money at the drug store for relief. My next guests swear by their home remedies and today I'm going to reveal whether or not they really work and if they can work for you too.

First up is Joy. Welcome, Joy. She's got a whole remedy, listen to this, a whole remedy for hives that she gets from ragweed. Okay, so what do you got in here? So I call this my salad dressing facial. So here we have some olive oil with lemon zest in it. How about the salad. Yes the salad.

So you have some dressing for salad as well as the remedy, so what I do is, I take a cloth and I soak it to have a little water on it to soak it, then I take some of the olive oil and lemon zest along with the apple cider vinegar. So then you put some on the cloth, you let it soak in a little bit.

Can I apply it to you? Are you referring to me? Alright. Lean back Dr. Oz, and then I just place it over your face and press it down let it wave. Audience, what do you guys think? I can't see it so make noise. Yes or no? You like it I get it does smell good. Okay, you know what, this decision is up for the truth tube, does a salad dressing face mask work for hives? Truth tube says? No.

OhNow if you're looking for a natural solution that I know works cause I've a tonne of data on it, it's called Colloidal Oatmeal Masks. Have you tried those at all? I have. Now come on over here. Now you got me that, on over here. It's very simple, are you ready? I'm ready. I promise to help you get looking beautiful again afterwards.

I'm in trouble. Right, I put it over here. Now you sit back with this, you let it paste in there and you look beautiful in only minutes, there's only 6,000 drug stores and you can't beat it, enjoy tonnes of data on this. Thank you for playing with me. Thank you Dr. Oz. I appreciate it. Next up is Robin, she has the second home remedy for puffiness around her eyes, welcome.Thank you very much.

What we have here is just some things like piece of potatoes like you are making potato chips and I have a lot of very bad allergies that impact my eyes a lot. You lie on your backYou lie on your back, we're going have you do a little limbo here now.I'm going to do it. We are doing this to you.

We are going to have you do a little limbo. Anything for the show. And we're going to add this toWhere did you get this idea from? Actually somebody's mother told me about it a long time ago. Audience what do you guys think? Yes or no? Yes. You all like this? Yes. You think it really works? Yes.

Alright truth-tube, what do you say truth tube? Cold potato, it works! For EYE puffiness. You know why? there's actually a lot of information about this, cold potato slices because they're cold they basically constrict the blood vessels, they help tighten up the skin reduce some of the puffiness for that reason, the same is good for you is cucumbers, so it works nicely, congratulations its a bright idea.

There you go Robin. Thank you. Next up is Brian, he has a third home remedy science relief during allergy season, what are you going to use? Sesame oil and black pepper. Is it Brian or Brian? Brian. Okay, so we've got sesame oil and black pepper? Right. For allergies? Yes. It's for nasal congestion.

So, what you're going to do, what you're going to do? I'm going to do, all right, I'll get my hands clean here, okay, go ahead. You just take a little bit and, I'm a little nervous so I'm shaking. It's alright. Here we go, so you just take a little bit like that and then you just add a little pepper in there.

Is this going in my nose? Yes. I want you to show me how to do it. Okay All right. You're going to look cool. So you have a little moustache anyway, so that's okay. You can leave this on all day, you're good. I sneezed. So now you just want to inhale, like breathe it in and it clear your sinuses it, isn't it? It does clear your sinus, it clears a lot, it clears your mind, a lot of things get cleared.

You have to clear out, I'm going to squeeze on you. Yeah. This is wonderful. Okay, black pepper first of all does it work for, I'm going to sneeze. Alright audience, what do you guys think? Yes or no? Yes. A lot of yes's, so truth tube, does black pepper and sesame oil work for sinuses? It does! For the reason you stated, and I'm going to sneeze, helps eliminate all the allergens that hung out on your nose, making all those irritation, your ayes water when you do this too? Well, I do it better when I'm not nervous.

Okay, you did a wonderful job thank you very much. I want to thank all my guest, if you get a home remedy if you want to test in our truth tube, you go to Dr.Oz and will be right back..