Fight Allergies With Butterbur

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Looking for natural relief from your allergies? Try the herb called butterbur. Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. A substance found in this plant can dry up your drips as fat or faster than some over the counter allergy treatments. Butterbur's active ingredient called Petasin has a solid track record for reducing inflammation which can relieve nasal congestion, it can also block the action of histamine or compounds released during the allergy attack that can make you sneeze.

Butterbur also won't make you sleepy the way some antihistamines do, and the ingredients last about 4-6 hours. However here's the but. Butterbur may backfire if you're allergic to ragweed. Though the two don't look related, these plants are in the same family. If ragweed makes you sneeze, taking Butterbur could make your allergy symptoms much worse.

In all cases, make sure you only try a butterbur extract that's marked PA3, and as with any herbal supplement, check with your doctor first to be sure it won't interact with other over the counter or prescription drugs you take. For more ways to stay comfortable this allergy season, watch all our health smarts.