Is One Night of Binge Drinking Worse Than Drinking Every Night?

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Number one, you guys ready? Pay attention now. Binge drinking, which one is worse? Binge drinking one night or drinking every night? [SOUND] Yes, Gritta. The worst is binge drinking. Who thinks she's right? [APPLAUSE] It is binge drinking. That is the answer. >>They're drinking one night.

Yes, now here is the deal, the liver it can only metabolize a small amount alcohol which is really toxic for us no matter what dose, but it's okay, we can deal with it, but too much at one time circulates to the body, if we binge drink we can't cope with it causes all kinds of issues.

Now one rule of thumb is you never want to have two drinks of alcohol in a row. You always wanna separate them with a glass of water. That means today, Jenifer, you'll have to deal with the consequences of what you would do if you were binge drinking, which is five glasses of water, so go ahead, let me see how you do it Jennifer.

Really? Pat pat, I already have a tinkle. [LAUGH].