How Can I Identify Harmful Substance Use or Addiction?

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And you want to identify harmful substance use or addiction, you can ask yourself the same all questions assessment tool that is used by professionals around the world. It also applies to everything from drugs, alcohol to these other addictions by gambling sex or food. Number one, have I ever felt like I have needed to cut down on my drug of choice and I have been unable to cut down? Question number two, have I ever guilty about my using? Question three, have I felt annoyed or angry when other people have suggested that I need to cut down or rid myself of this behavior in my life.

Any question four have I needed an eye opener? Meaning have I needed to engage in this behavior within an hour of waking up? You can see you how these four questions applied to all addictive behaviors. You could really ask yourself have I truly answered yes to one or more, and if the answer is yes see a mental health professional to get a wider assessment, to see if there are any underlying causes and also determine what you can do to treat this addiction.