Don't Let Alcohol Derail Your Weight Loss

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Hi I'm Dr. Clark, trying to loose weight? Watch out for those liquid calories. I mean beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages of course the occasional cocktail won't derail your diet but regularly consuming alcohol may sabotage your success, how? Unlike protein, carbohydrates, and fat, alcohol can be stored by your body.

Some studies have shown that when you drink alcohol while eating, our body may divert all of it's energy to burning the alcohol that means the calories you consumed with your meal may be stored as fat. Current research also suggests that alcohol puts the breaks on your body's ability to burn fat booze raises the level of chrotozol/g, a hormone that leads to muscle break down and fat storage, at the same time alcohol decreases your testosterone, a key hormone that helps us gain or preserve our muscle tissue for up to 24 hours, and drinking alcohol before a meal may make you eat even more food than you would otherwise.

So before you sip that drink decide whether the temporary enjoyment it brings is worth undoing your hard work to lose weight. For more ways to slim down and shape up, watch all our smart tips, right here.