The Shingles Vaccine Is Safe and Effective

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I am Dr. Oz with a small health tip for you. Did you've chicken pox as a child, if so you need a shingles vaccine as an adult. Shingle is a painful nerve condition caused by reawakened chicken pox and of you have chicken pox as a kid, the virus is a dormant in your body. One in three people in the US get shingles, that's more than a million cases in a year, and shingles is no fun it's also called herpes zoster and it starts with a burning or a tingling sensation followed by a rush or blisters and it can be really painful.

But you can dodge that bullet if you're a 50 year old older is a shingles vaccine available and a recent large scale study confirms that it is safe. Not perfect, but the vaccine reduces your risk of shingles by up to 70% and when you end up with shingles after getting vaccinated it will be much milder and a lot less painful.

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