Is There a Vaccine to Prevent Melanoma?

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It's been a long history of looking at vaccines of melanoma, it's been a little bit of a frustration and no FTA approvals based on our many, many studies, we don't have a vaccine, we use certain immunotherapy called interferon after surgery and in stage III melanoma. Melanoma to point to the lymph node or remove surgically, or a deep melanoma to start to expand was called a deep Stage II Melanoma, and there's some survival benefits, at least we're really on it some studies on interferon, but again that's a very general immune treatment that affects, that's not really focussing in our specific problem in melanomas vaccines are hard to study in one sense, there are many studies have based a very good rational design and science but they are risks with vaccines, also when you manipulate the immune system, you hope you're doing good, and that you're regulate it with aqili[sp?] hidden in melanoma cells, so they never show him the cells, hope you're being neutral, but there's a risk for harm also because this a constant coat of immune tolerance that you modify or modulate the immune system in a way that the immune no longer recognizes something and becomes tolerant to it and that can make melanoma a [xx] raw more to do a two vaccine on immune approaches they were looked at in large studies in the less couple years, one called cancer vac, another genocea vaccine, lot of enthusiasm was both, both of them show survival detriment, significant survival detriment if you got the treatment often not, possibly because of immune tolerance, more needs to know, the vaccines need to be done in a carefully moderate critical trial setting.