Can I Get Influenza From the Influenza Vaccine?

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Fact or fiction? You can catch the flue from getting a flue shot. Fact or fiction? Audience give her a help here. Okay fiction. Alright, so you are all fiction. The correct answer is, fiction. The flu shot is made inactivated virus. The virus is dead before it touches your body so there is no real problem with it at all.

Okay. And that's one of the reasons I love it as my primary care approach entire floor. Thank you very much. Thank you doctor. Thank you [xx]. Because I care so much about that and I want see that this is important to me, I want to learn from the example, so, I'm going to get my flue shot today.

I want everyone to get their flue shot this season. I've invited world's best pharmacist said she would come to join me. How are you? I'm good, how are you? She has given me my shot, this is my 3rd year I survived the first 2 years, so I'm optimistic. As to why is at some points folks get their flu shot? The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months gets their flu shot every year.

And at Walgreen's we're committed to keep bring America healthy so we are offering flu shots all day, every day with no appointment necessary. So, if the pharmacy is open, you can come on get your flu shot at a time that's convenient for you. Now, talking about building a relationship with your pharmacistYou know it's really really important to have a relationship with your pharmacist, especially for patients with chronic conditions because we see them almost month when they come in to refill in their prescriptions.

So, the pharmacist can not only give them information on their medications but at Walgreen's, we're not just medication experts, we're immunization experts. So, we can talk to them not just about the medication they take but the immunizations they might need based on the health conditions they have, and it's so much more than just the flu shots.

At Walgreen's we offer more than 20 CDC recommended immunizations at select pharmacies and take care clinics across the country. You're kidding me? Yeah. Now, I've said this a lot of times in the show but I think the least used member of the health care system that could benefit everybody is a pharmacist because it's free, you can't beat that.

I bet they'll make time to talk to you take advantage of this folks, learn their names, talk to them, make them part of your team. Didn't hurt at all? Thank you. No. We've got the fastest flu shot ever guys, pretty fast. I'll be right back everybody.