How to Prevent Pneumonia

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Hi, Dr. Oz[sp?] here with some tips to help you prevent pneumonia. This year, this nasty lung infection will land over half a million people in doctor's offices. The older or younger you are, the more dangerous it is. Is that a country risk to protect your family, cover up coughs with your elbow, Dracula stuff.

Like this. Or you can use a tissue. Those germs fly out of your lungs at 600 miles per hour when your cough proceeds, so they really do go far and they fast. Don't shake hands. Instead great friends with a big hello, and say goodbye with the triple[sp?] away. Swipe and wipe. Bacteria and viruses can live for days on those hard surfaces that are by friend, family, neighbors, and strangers.

Keep alcohol wipes in hand to wipe down door knobs, cellphones, game controls, computer keyboards, and TV remotes. Travelling? Wipe down those airplane trace. Get vaccinated. To protect against several types of pneumonia, meningitis and other serious infections, there's a pneumonia shot for grown ups, and the HIV vaccines series for infants and little kids.

The pneumonia vaccine may help protect your heart too. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways as to stay healthy this cold and flu season, check out our smart tips right here.