What Is a Blackhead?

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[APPLAUSE] I came up. Can't believe it. Well, believe it, you're here. Now, what's your name? I'm Ann. Ann, come on over here Ann. Good to meet you. It's so good to meet you too Ann. You get dolled up, you're beautiful today. Oh! Thank you. Are you worried about talking about Blackheads? Heck no, I wanna know, I wanna know, are you kidding me? All right, so hold on to your seats.

We're gonna do it all together. Are you ready to play? Yes. Come on back here. Let's start with an animation. It's a love animation, it's short of what's going on inside of our body, and this is going to be a trip inside your body, looking at Blackhead, so here we are. I wish I looked that good.

You look like that. Don't she look like this?? Yes, all right. So, let's just go under the skin, really close. And if you look underneath the skin, you have a hair follicle, and you have this little oil can like structure here, and that literally makes sebum, an oil that fills the area around the hair, it's supposed to be there.

Within that you can sometimes have bacteria, and these bacteria can and grow and if the top is closed off. They grow into a white pimple which can sometimes be painful thus makes it red. What happens if the top isn't closed and air can get in there? That's what a blackhead is. So you see the difference? The difference is all about whether or not what's going on inside the air follicle can get to the surface where air can touch it and turn it black or whether it's closed off.

So actually bacteria growing there and you get a pimple with a red stuff around it.