What Causes Acne In Adults?

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Now to my favorite part of the show. It's ask Dr. Oz time. I love answering your questions because chances are, thousands of people watching are wondering the exact same thing, so let's get to it, who's first? We've got tons of questions okay Kelly, you go first. Go ahead. Hi, Dr. Oz.

Hi, Lauren. Nice to meet you. My question is we dropped off my daughter at college last month and I was just the only one with bad acne, everybody else had beautiful skin, and it's like I'm going through menopause and puberty at the same time. Well, you are, the skin changes we get, are manageable by our hormones.

Okay. And so, as you go through life the very stable level of hormones as you've always had so as to go up and down a little bit which is very normal, very natural, sometimes along the course of that you will have more of these ancient/g type hormones the ones that actually create irritation of the skin, and when that happens you will end up with the problem because you have a build up of oil, and then skin which is growing naturally because it's there to protect you, fills in a little bit, and you get pores that is packed with oil which bacteria grow in and then the pimples result, so who cares about the size.

The fact of the matter is it happens, very common it passes, and there're things you can do that work very effective the way forward. Salicylic acid which is a kind of aspirin which can help exfoliate the skin a little bit, benzoyl peroxide these actually do work very effectively.

Thank you very much. Thank you.