What Can I Do About My Acne?

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Step is important it's called color therapy that couldn't. What is new in color therapy and why is it so good for your skin? We are going to take the colors of the rainbow and introduce them to the skin. Now color is vital to skin health. The rainbow is your window made up of multiple colors, and in medicine each color has a very specific medical therapy for skin conditions.

In this case we're going to talk about red light and blue light. So this is the tender machine and it comes in two lights, blue light, let's get this going here. We're going to hold this to your hand. Can you see that blue glow there? I see that. Blue light is used to kill bacteria that actually cause acne.

This is inexpensive alternative to having it done to doctors. Before we get to the red light here is a picture of before and after treatment were just light therapy for acne. This is a part of eleventh day, and as Dr. Oz mentioned, when you go to a physician's office to have light therapy, whether it's the blue light or the red light, you're talking about several thousand dollars whereas these device is about 250.

Now red light, what's that for? Red light, my personal favorite, because it's used for anti-aging. It is going to help build collagen and firm the skin. So, this is something we all want to to give, we love our red lights. Again this is something that can be used in a physician's office, a handheld device, and there are other options out there, but it's all about red to look useful and healthy, and you can can find them in your favorite beauty stores, online, and spa's.