How Do I Treat Blackheads?

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Do you like pimping? No. You don't pinch pimples? You don't do any of those fun things? I scrub. I'm a scrubber. You're a scrubber? Yeah, with a Buf-Puf. But does it feel good when you squeeze the pimple. You do. Everyone feel that way pretty much? Well since you like the feeling, let's do this little demonstration together.

What we're going to be doing is to actually, for the first time ever on national television, pop a blackhead. Alright, so we're going to do it a couple of different ways. I'm going to show you what's it's going to be like in a bottle form and then we're going to walk you through a more advanced form.

You can do it. Okay, so, first of all squeeze that and tell me what it feels like, squeeze it. I squeeze it here? No,no, this part here. Oh, this part? Yes.How does that feel like? Yeah, it's firm and like a ketchup bottle. Alright, that's what, a ketchup bottle. So that's what actually the pimple looks like, the blackhead area looks like when it's around the follicle, okay? So, what I want you to do now, I'll put it down, is I want you to squeeze it as hard as you can.Ready? Yeah.

That's what happens when you squeeze a pimple. It does work but you've to use a fair amount of force. Yeah. Right, and of course the cream that comes out of it makes you always feel good but it's not always good for the skin around it. Now, what happens, if you got a pimple near a major blood vessel, let's say a blood vessel that's behind your nose.

Okay. That you got a the pimples on the nose. The blood vessels behind the nose happen to be the ones in the brain. That's my problem. That's your problem, so you got blood going through a vein, and you got the same exact process going on here, so to take this. Okay, hold it like that and together we're going to squeeze it.

Ready? I want everyone to watch what happens to the pus if it doesn't come out through the blackhead top, ready? Oh! You see what happens to it? Yeah. Yeah, and that pus is queried directly off to the brain, that's why I worry about blackheads in the area of the nose but this space between, Right here? Exactly, cut it down to the side of the mouth, what's it called? Remember? You watched the show? I have.

The triangle of death. The triangle of death, the area to the top of my nose down to both side of my lips. This whole area is a very rich area for blood vessels, and we get lots of pimples there, so you're working inside your nose you're doing brain surgery basically. All right? Now what I might recommend to you is an alternative to squeezing the outside of the skin because I know you're going to do it anyway, aren't you? Yeah.

Yeah I thought so, right, So if you can actually get tools that work, right. They're called pimples extractors, all right? They're pretty cool. Now in order to make this a little easier for folks to see we made a bigger one for you. Okay. Okay. What do you feel after that? What are you saying? So, let's say this is some of your skin.

Okay. And there is the blackhead there, so I want you to push down as hard as you think you should to extract the blackhead, that's exactly right. Ready? Push hard. Oh, dear. And then you pull out like this, all right? Does that make you feel better? They don't see that now? So let me ask you, honest question, you got all beautiful for national television, did you mind talking about blackheads? No.

Good, well you did a very good job over there. Thanks so much. We will be right back. You did a wonderful job.