How Can an Adult Treat His or Her Acne?

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Here's a shocking thing, treating the blemish with the wrong medication can make it even worse. Our final skin secret to keep you young is [SOUND] keep the break outs with benzyl-peroxide which is what you used as a kid but a different percentage, 2.5% which is a lot less than what teenagers currently use.

Dr. Tangy why is that so important? Well this is important because teenage acne is caused by puberty, but adult breakouts are caused by different types of hormone changes, stress, lack of sleep, different causes need different treatments, so when you're a teen you're using benzoyl peroxide with 5 to 10% benzyl peroxide, that's way too harsh for adult skin, it dries it out and it increases inflammation.

Increased inflammation worsens acne and also speeds the aging process so you want to look for products that have a 2.5% benzyl peroxide and that could be a little tricky to do, so you really have to look on the labels for that 2.5% I'm going to emphasize that, as crazy as it is you get your glasses out and because it's small it's hard to read them, but 2.5%, listen you read may have the right amount, the right location and the right time, that's what we are talking about you do those three things correctly, you will be able to change the rate in which your skin ages and will be a lot happier, Anicher, can you do this? Yes, I'm going to go out to the store and get some reading glasses.

[LAUGH] thank you very much. We'll be right back everybody.