Does Indulging In Chocolate, Junk Food, and Fatty Meals Cause Acne?

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Where is Lina? Lina hey, Lina come on out. Nice to meet you. What's your question? My question is I love chocolate and I was just wondering is it a truth or a myth that contribute to facial acne? It's a huge net! And here is why. The reality is that 100% pure stuff is generally good for you and the same goes to chocolate if you're having 70% cocoa or better the real chocolate and that's actually helpful in reasonable quantities.

Promise the more chocolates we have really are fake, like their coloring and [xx] and the like, anything that has a high [xx] that simulates insulin in your body but also simulates the release of oil from your skin and so any oil that goes on to your skin could exacerbate some acnes that you have.

What you have but you're only speaking, there's no correlation at all between chocolate and acne. That's great to know. [xx] Bill, that you for your help, on your [xx] thank you everybody, we'll be right back..