Are There Some Home Remedies for Acne?

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We'd rather you didn't pop your pimples because most people will do it with their own hands, and will actually push inflammation below the skin and result in a potential pizza-face with scarring. If you feel obligated to pop a pimple there is a sterile way to do it, again you have to do it the right way if you are going to do it all, and what you do is you dab the area with a gauze pad with sterile alcohol then you take a sterile needle and if the pimple is on, dead center on the nose or on the cheek, you are making a sterile needle poke directly through, parallel to the skin, not this way, this will push inflammation in, and just opening those two little holes in and out will allow the pus to get out safely without pushing it below the skin. Moral of the story though, see your doctor, there's medicines and treatments that you can do that are safe and that work.
Popping a pimple is the last result.