Why Is Healthy Digestion Important?

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Most people don't think about their digestive system at all when it comes to fat loss, but in fact, your digestive system is the largest hormone producing tissue in your body. If you have any type of digestive complain like gas, or bloating, indigestion, constipation, it will impede fat loss and trigger more cravings.

So you have to think about removing the food that upsets your digestion, because these are the exact same foods that will block your fat loss effort. The best way to restore your digestive health is to first remove the foods that will can upset digestion, anything that's inflammatory, anything that's allergenic and any food that can disrupt your hormones like coat sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

Then you have to think about putting in the right foods, anti inflammatory foods, foods that are hypoallergenic, like goat cheese, sheep cheese, gluten free grains, and also don't forget to top up put your fiber and always include a pro biotic supplement.