Is Poor Digestion a Common Complaint Among MS Patients?

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In my training, we never talk about digestion and fatigue in the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. I have not seen an MS patient yet who has not had at least 10-15 years of digestive problems before they develop Multiple Sclerosis. Now the reason why we don't ever see that is we don't ask as neurologists we don't ever ask how has your health been for the last 10 15 years? What's your digestion like?

Every single MS patient I have seen who has active MS always complains of some type of digestive problem. The earliest signs is when you start to become at risk in your immune system is starting to get a bit deranged is when you start developing some kind of digestive problem. I think it is that first time when you're at risk for any disease. And whether that ends up being heart disease, or whether that ends up being diabetes or whether it ends up being MS is dependent on where is your vulnerability, but the initial changes that happen in the body are typically in terms of your energy level, your digestion starts to get worse and you start getting bloated after you eat or your starting to develop constipation, something is not right in there. You start getting more fatigued, you get more colds. That's really where we should be looking, and that's what we need to start to ask in terms of prevention, but we're not trained to look at patients this way.