Which Type of Yoga Is Best for You?

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[MUSIC] I'm Dr. Clark. Yoga is a great way to shape up and chill out. There are many forms of this ancient eastern discipline. Which one is right for you? Here's how to choose. If you want to reduce stress and prevent disease, try Kundalini yoga. This style involves moving through a series of physical postures, while meditating and focusing on your breath.

To increase strength and flexibility, try Iyengar yoga. This from emphasizes holding yoga postures for a longer period of time compared to other yoga styles, that helps you build strength. If your goal is to maintain your weight or lose weight, try an Ashtanga class. This is a vigorous style in which you move quickly through a series of fluid poses so you can burn some calories.

If you're new to these forms of yoga, or just beginning an exercise program, always start with a beginner class so you can learn the basics. If you have a physical issue, make sure you let the instructor know. Most yoga poses can be adapted to be safe and effective for you, for more ways to shape up and slim down, watch all our smart tips.