Relieve Lower Back Pain With Gentle Stretching

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright, with a great tip if you have chronic low-back pain. Most low-back pain is caused by muscle strains. You may be tempted to lie on the couch and rest, but gentle exercise is the best way to help those sore muscles heal. New research has pinpointed two types of stretching that help the most.

Gentle yoga exercises, or stretching exercises taught by a physical therapist. They work equally well. So, if your lower-back is bothering you, find a weekly yoga class or physical therapy class that lasts for 12 weeks. Your local hospital may offer physical therapy lessons. Then practice at home three days a week, and stick with it, that's all it takes.

In a study, people who had chronic low-back pain reported feeling much better a year after their first class, and you can too. I'm Dr. Wright. For more ways to fight pain, watch all our Health Smarts videos.