Can Yoga Help Teens Cope with Anxiety?

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Does yoga help children with anxiety and mood issues? Yes. A recent study divided a group of 11th and 12th graders and gave half a course in yoga over a ten week period, the other half had regular gym class. They found that those in the yoga group had less anxiety and happier mood than those in the controlled group after 10 weeks.

Is there any evidence that yoga actually helps improve learning? It's certainly looks that way, when kids are less anxious and in happier mood, they're actually able to focus better, and there have been other studies that have looked at that and found that they do, it does enhane in learning.

Will that transcending from yoga, to tai chi, to polati or just yoga? You know the studies in kids have mostly been done in yoga but probably the others would work too. What about bikram yoga? That would be good too, though I don't know if the kids should be doing that. Yeah it's a little intense.