Can Yoga and Exercise Reduce My Risk for My Breast Cancer Coming Back?

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So our next stop on the journey through the body is breast cancer and Della from New York tell us what's your question? Hi Dr. Oz I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. I've had cancer three times and I was actually just starting to do yoga and to do some physical activity, is doing yoga and exercise a good way to prevent being diagnosed a forth time.

Well physical activity by itself is hugely effective, in fact it controls the amount of fats we have, and when we have fats on our body anywhere especially in the belly it actually creates some of these hormones especially estrogen which we think stimulates some of these cancers.

And also about exercising puts T cells and therefore that's where the key immune cells that helps immune systems battle back against cancer, because we all have cancer right now, everyone in this room has cancer, so is everyone watching at home but that cancer is there and it's being kept in check because there are immune cells that have seen this not you and have taken it out.

So exercise helps get that immune system ready for battle. Darrel, help us a little bit on this topic. What would you do? First of all physical activity and stress and all of those things once controlled are very effective in decreasing the risk of all cancers. There have been specific studies on yoga and breast cancer, they looked at a small study of women who did yoga and they noticed that they increased their quality of life significantly by actually doing yoga, but the physical activity actually decreases your risk of developing breast and other cancers so you're absolutely on the right track.

Just from basing your own personal experience other things you recommend to folks to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer? We know that vitamin D is very important in reducing the risk for breast cancer, in fact there are studies that show up to a 50% decrease in breast cancer.

See I keep telling you guys, vitamin D, vitamin D, vitamin D. Yes and you have to take the active form of vitamin D, a vitamin D 3 but I recommended at least 1, 000 international units a day but it is very very effective. But I think you're right taking my invite to perform started to watch is nothing that can send exposure.