Want to Reduce Sweating? Try This Cool Tip

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Dr. Oz here with a great tip to help reduce sweating when you workout. Just keep your hands cool. Yeap, it does sound weirdm but it's true. Just keeping your hands cool while exercising can reduce to the discomfort of overheating and sweating, so it helps you workout for longer. Obese women tend to give up exercise easily due to sweating, fatigue, exhaustion, and overheating.

So, Stanford University, School of Medicine Researchers included 24 obese, yet healthy women between the ages of 30-45 to test this theory, which has long been used by some professional athletes. Fat acts as an insulator which is why overweight people tend to overheat when they exert themselves. The test group held a device that ran cool water through it.

After three months, the results were impressive. The woman with the cooled hands burn two inches of belly fat off their waist, lowered their blood pressure, and they shaved five minutes of their treadmill test time. No matter what you weigh, keeping your hands cool is one way to help you keep exercising when you'd rather quit.

All you need to do is hold frozen bottles of water like these while you workout. And as they melt, sip the hydrating water which also helps you cool down. Another simple smart tip to help you stay healthy and keep fit. Watch more right here, with me, Dr. Oz.