A Better Warm Up and Cool Down

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with a smart tip for your pre and post workout routine. It's important to warm up beforehand, that means you do a light weight or slow version of the exercises you're about to do. This makes your muscles and joints more pliable. Do your activities slowly for the first five minutes before you increase to your normal intensity.

Stretch after you're hot and sweaty. Well warmed muscles lengthen more easily and joints are more able to move through their full range of motion. This improves your flexibility. Avoid stretching cold muscles, because that can cause a tear or other injury. Take it easy with your stretches. Relax your muscles before you stretch and move in slow motion, breathe deeply and rhythmically, hold each position for 10-30 seconds, and do not bounce. Forget about the mantra no pain, no gain. If a stretch hurts, back off until it doesn't.

You can build up flexibility slowly. For more ways to live healthy, watch all our tips, right here.