4 Smart Ways to Enjoy TV and Still Lose Weight

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. You know that watching less TV is good for your waistline, but that doesn't mean you have have to give up your favorite shows for good. Try these strategies, stick with two and half hours or less per day. Even better, watch only from an exercise bike or when you're on a treadmill, plan your viewing time.

You wouldn't go to the movies without checking what's playing, so why not treat TV the same way. Instead, choose the shows you want to watch, then hit the off button, and walk away when they are done. Use commercial time wisely. There are 18-20 minutes of commercials per hour during most TV shows use them to hop on your treadmill or exercise bike.

Even walking in place is better than staying couch. Never eat in front of the TV. Research shows that the human brain doesn't seem to form strong memories of food eaten infront of the set, leading to overeating later on. For more ways to slim down, watch all of our smart tips right here.