Is Strength Training Safe for Kids?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Clark with a workout tip for kids. Some parents ask if their children can benefit from strength training, also known as resistance training. Research show that strength training is safe, effective, and even necessary for kids. It helps increase the strength of a child's muscles, bones, and connective tissues.

Stronger ligaments and tendons can lower kids' risk of injury and improve athletic performance. Here are a few keys to consider when it comes to strength training for kids. Kids should always be supervised by an adult whenever they strength train. Make sure kids do age-appropriate exercises. Some workouts especially those that require heavy, or complex equipment may not be suitable for children.

Children shouldn't push to adult limits of intensity. Be sure your child is going at his or her own pace. Teach kids to maintain proper posture and form for strength training exercises. This is critical to avoid injuries. Finally, make it fun. Your child should want to keep up these healthy habits for life.

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