Can I Run If I Have Osteoarthritis in My Knee?

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Alright, so Dr. Clarke, here's the question. Karen wants to know, I'm in my 50s, I enjoy running, but I've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee and I suspect in my left ankle as well, is there anything I can do so that I can continue to run safely? So talk about running verses walking.

Sure. So Karen, the question with knee osteoarthritis should you run? It depends. You go to your orthopedic surgeon, make sure your x-ray, MRI, see] ow bad it is? Hopefully they send you to physical therapy, you get an assessment to find out why your right knee or your right ankle hurt and not your left.

So usually, we have these imbalances in our body, so let's figure those things out. I guess, what I would recommend, is you correct the imbalance, then we recommend a very, very specific warm up before you run, stretch when you're done running, make sure you have good shoes. If your foot flattens out, call [xx] would recommend a authentic.

We'd also recommend changing the surface you run on. So instead of running or cement or asphalt, if you have a local high school or a track, can you run on their track, or run on the grass, those will be all things that would allow you to get back in. The other thing is, again, change your modality of training, elliptical, bike, swimming so you're not pounding on your knees.