4 Steps to a Better Cardio Workout

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Dr. Clerk with four keys to enjoy the best cardio workout of your life. First, set a goal. If you're training for a specific event like a 5K then the best cardio for you is walking, jogging or running. Those are the exercises specific to reaching your goal. Make sure your cardio exercise is safe.

Do you have muscle bone or joint pain when you perform an exercise? Then it's not for you. Some people simply can't run because of pain or old nagging injuries, find an exercise that doesn't hurt like swimming, and seek your doctor's advice for help. Make your cardio exercise fun if you do something you enjoy chances are you'll be more consistent with your routine that's the key to getting results.

Finally your Cardio exercise should be effective, add variety to your routine, this will increase the calories you burn and put less stress on your body so you'll avoid injuries. For more ways to make your exercise more effective watch all our smart tips right here.