Staying Active During the Day Can Keep You Fit

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Hey, Dr. Oz here. I've got some good news if you're trying to get into shape. The more active you are throughout the day the fitter you'll be, even if you never set foot in a gym. A growing body if evidence finds that the only mattered physical activities can do wonders for your heart health. I'm talking about little things, like working in the garden, or walking to the stores instead of driving or just beating around the house.

Scientist recently looked at overweight people who didn't bother with formal workouts. But these folks did accumulate 30 minutes of moderate activity everyday. That translated to even better heart health even if their weight wasn't ideal. So look for lots of little opportunities to move during your day.

In stead of sending a colleague an email walk over to her office. Always take the stairs in stead of the elevator, and don't overlook the physical benefits of household chores. 30 minutes of gardening burns 169 calories, washing the car or fining the windows, 153 calories each. It's just another way that small changes can boost your health.

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