Match Your Workouts to Your Personality

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Is it hard for you to keep up with an exercise routine? The trouble might be that you haven't found the best exercise to suit your personality. If you choose a workout that matches your temperament you're more likely to enjoy it and keep doing it. A consistent workout routine is important for your overall good health.

It's even more important to help manage chronic conditions for diabetes and heart disease to fibromyalgia. So what's your exercise personality? If you're outgoing, group fitness classes are just the ticket, you'll enjoythe social support to stay motivated, but if you're more of a loner, solitary workouts like swimming and yoga will feel just right, competitive types will enjoy the challenge of team squad.

If you thrive on structure and routine try strength training, you can work with a personal trainer to design a workout schedule to meet your fitness goals. Finally don't over look the power of a tangible goal to keep you going. For goal oriented exercisers working towards a specific event such as walking or running a side K helps get them out the door.

I'm Dr. Miller for more ways to stay fit with diabetes check out all our health tips.