Lower Your Stroke Risk in 3 Weeks

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Hi, Dr. Robin Miller here with the tips to help lower your stroke risk. Just hop out an exercise bike a few times a week. That's all it takes to boost your body's ability to stop a stroke before it starts. In one study older inactive women hopped on their bikes for just 35 minutes, 3 times a week.

Their bodies ability to bust up stroke provoking clots improved significantly after just 21 days. Everyone's stroke risk creeps up as we get older because our bodies ability to break up blood clots diminishes with age. That's especially true postmenopausal women who are particularly at risk of ischemic strokes.This kind of stoke happens when a blood clot blocks flow to a part of the brain.

About 90% of all stroke are ischemic strokes. For the best results, make sure you work out when you ride your water height. That's a notch or two above your usual pace. But if you haven`t been exercising much lately, check with your doctor before starting any new work out program. From all great ways to stay well, watch all our health smart right here.