Is Working Out In the Morning on an Empty Stomach the Best to Burn Fat?

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Esmeralda, how are you Esmeralda? Good, how are you? So what do you believe is going on in your life with regards to fats I believe that working on empty stomach helps you burn more calories. Working out on an empty stomach helps you burn more calories. Audience is this the truth?.

It's very split again, very split again. Is that true? It is a myth. I've been doing all this hard work for nothing. I want you to do the hard work but with the message that when you work out on empty stomach you don't burn more fat. You have no energy. Listen, this is to make it real clear, here's an empty stomach no food in here when you work out you're burning calories, right?.

It does a couple of things, it allows your body what you wanted to do, to start burning up calories and it does that. It will start to literally exhume away, those calories which is a good thing, but the question is, is it worse with one than the other? So you exercise in a full stomach.

Same basic phenomenon happens as you have with an empty stomach you begin to consume calories all that good stuff that was to happen but the real issue is that more elastic that when it's on an empty stomach what do you think? Pretty similar. The same. The same so there is no difference at all, you burn the exact same amount of calories but there is a difference and not a good one, you burn different kinds of calories, when you have an empty stomach you burn fat and you burn muscle, when you exercise in a full stomach, you're actually burning primarily fat stocks to keep your muscle, that means after you're done exercising cause you've got more muscle, it keeps burning calories, so I'll give you a rule of thumb again, 30 minutes before exercise eat something and ideally something liquidy, like a yogurt or protein shake.

Okay. Thank you very much. I probably.