How Regular Exercise Helps Prevent Bone Loss

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Ladies, if you have low bone density and are at risk of developing osteoporosis or already have the condition, exercise is more important that ever. Regular workouts can increase your muscle strength, improve your balance and help you avoid fall even better, exercise may also help slow for the bone loss.

If you haven't been active in years it's not too late, to get your doctor's approval. If you have osteoporosis, ask if you should avoid any type of exercise such as running, jumping or moves that require you to twist or bend at the waist, start slowly, adding a bit more physical activity each day.

Park your car further away from the store or a longer walk, walk up to a 30 minute walk five times a week. For adults with osteoporosis, a good workout should include strength training, which is using free weights, weight machines or resistant pans low impact weight bearing exercises such as walking or low impact aerobic, and don't forget stretching, and balance moves.

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