How Exercise "Turns On" Good Genes

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. Did you know that the benefits of exercise kick in within a few minutes of your first steps? Exercise can actually turn on specific genes to benefit your health. Here's some of the genes flipping benefits of exercise. Exercise revs up more than 100 genes that protect against cancer. For instance, three hours of activity a week boosts 109 cancer protecting genes, and squelches 75 cancer promoting genes in guys with low grade prostrate cancer.

Exercise activates the genes that boost levels of a hormone called Irisin. This stuff turns bumpy, bulgy, white fat into brown fat which is easier to use, and helps protect against diabetes and obesity. Physical activity turns on genes that help heart muscles cells devide which keeps your heart working better and protects against heart failure.

A regular exercise routine turns off genes that encourage extra fat to move into your liver. It also turns on genes that produce proteins that tell these fat invader to leave. That's big news, because today one in three adults has a fatty liver. A fatty liver increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, some liver damage.

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