How Busy People Stay Healthy

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If you're like most people, you'll feel pulled in 10 different directions at once, I am Dr. Oz. It can seem overwhelming to tackle your to do list and to live a healthy lifestyle, but you could make time if you develop a few healthy habits. Get off to a good start by studying a new morning routine get up 15 minutes earlier and use that extra time to eat a whole grain and lean protein breakfast.

Maximize lunch hour, get out of your chair walk, walk, walk once you get home from work resist the urge to flop in front of the TV. Head to the kitchen to dish up a healthy meal. And what about the weekends? This is the time to prep the quick healthy meals you'll eat up during the week. Make casseroles, stir up some home made soup, recruit your partner for help, it'll strengthen your bond and amp up your libido.

Start a weekend walking routine that includes the whole family, it'll be easier to stick to a new habit and you all do it together. I'm Dr. O, for more great ways to stay healthy, watch all of our smart tips right here.