Eat Protein Before a Workout to Burn More Calories

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a smart tip to help you burn more calories. Before you hit the gym, eat a little protein rich snack first. A protein fix before the workout, boost your metabolic rate, and your calorie burn for the full 24 hours. Strength training reps up your body's calorie burning in two ways.

First off, your body is working overtime to replenish the fuel, oxygen and blood sugar that you use up in your workout. Second, your body is trying to rebuild the muscle broken down during the workout, and a little extra protein may encourage your body to work in harder to rebuild that muscle. In one study, exercisers drank a protein rich drink 20 minutes before strength training.

That resulted in an 8% increase in their metabolic rate, and you know what, that increase lasted for a full day. So before your next workout, nibble a hard boiled egg, a slice of low fat cheese, or a few ounces of Greek yogurt. You'll be a lean, mean, calorie burning machine. For more ways to get strong, fit, and healthy, watch all of our smart tips right here.