Drink OJ for a Better Workout

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Dr. Rossen here with a juicy health tip, that's right, if you're looking for easier workouts that leave you with energy to spare, pour yourself a glass of orange juice. One study shows that regular drinking of orange juice seems to diminish mascular fatigue and boost your exercise endurance in a group of sedentary overweight women who started exercising. The juice drinkers enjoyed a dramatic 27% dip in their blood levels of lactic acid.

That's the stuff that builds up quickly in unfit muscles and makes them feel so tired. The most remarkable thing about these findings, most of the women were obese not just over weight and before the study they got through their exercise, all the characteristics that make starting an exercise regime and sticking to it particularly time.

Researchers think there's something in OJ that flavonoids, the vitamin C, the potassium maybe the folic, help us make exercise feel easier the women drinking OJ also had more energy and lower their cholesterol to boot. So next time you feeling slugish when you work out use up your energy with some OJ another easy health tip and you can watch your weight to better health with all of our smart tips right here.