Do Toning Shoes Really Make You Burn More Calories?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Van der Rijt. Have you seen those commercials for toning shoes that promise to make you burn more calories with every step? You know the shoes I'm talking about. They have rounded soles that curve up sharply at both ends. Every step lands you on a springy rocking horse arc that rolls you forward, so you have to use more muscles to stay balanced and burn more calories while improving your posture and toning your muscles, but do they really work?

Experts put those claims to the test and found the expensive shoes don't live up to their promises. Toning shoes do not make you use more oxygen, increase your heart rate, burn more calories or work muscles harder than you do in regular fitness shoes. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission ordered one shoe manufacturer to refund $25 million to consumers for making toning claims it couldn't support.

So skip those overpriced shoes and invest in a pair of well-fitting, nicely cushioned walking or running shoes. I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. For more tips to shape up watch all our health smart videos right here.