Blast Belly Fat and Lower Blood Sugar With This Workout

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with a quick fitness tip. Here's a way to both burn more fat and lower blood sugar, do a combination of aerobics and weight training. The easy to follow plan combines speed walking with a little resistance work. Researchers observe that people with the diabetes, who did the combo to trim their waist, they lowered your blood sugar, and they cut back on their meds, and guess what, they lost four pounds of pure fat.

Even though the combination plan was tested on people with diabetes, it will work on everybody. If you're already walking 30 minutes a day, don't cut back, just substitute weight training on two of those days, or even better, pack on 20 minutes of strength work to two speed walks, you'll make your workouts even better.

Tie on those walking shoes today, and check out more smart ways to get healthy and fit, right here.