A Smarter Way to Lift Weights

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Hi, I'm Dr. Ross. Here's my health tip for a smarter way to do your strength training. Forget about Olympic style weight lifting in which competitors vie to hoist the heaviest weight. Here's a gold medal method for the rest of us. Lift less weight to gain more muscle. That's right choose a weight that's about 30% lighter than what you can manage.

For example, if you can do one biceps curl with a 10 pound weight, use a 7 pound weight for your reps. Then do as many reps as you can until muscle fatigue sets in. That's take you about two minutes. The 30% approach build serious muscle strength and helps your metabolism burn at a higher rate for longer than if you pump the heavier weight for just for a few reps. The safe effective approach to strength training will help you gain more muscle while you loose more weight and body fat.

You will also spend off diabetes and prevent everyday aches and pains. The simple tweak that can help you live healthier. Watch all of our easy, health smarts right here.