A 10-Minute, Full-Body Workout

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Hi, I'm Mel Mueller, I'm one of your Sharecare fitness experts. Are you looking to lose something, here is a great 10 minute workout to get you on your way, do this workout one exercise right after another, with 30 seconds rest in between sets. Do 3-4 sets and 12-15 reps. Now you're going to do it quickly so that you can really get your heart going.

I want you to try these exercises, squat, curl to overhead press, now you want to make sure to keep your toes pointed forward, your knees over your toes and really squeeze that butt and then curl up to your shoulders and press over your head. The floor crunch, you really want to suck your belly button to your spine and instead of putting your hands behind your head, so you don't hurt your neck, cross your hands over your chest.

Push ups keep you back flat, keep your core tight, and your head, straight in line with your body. Now of course here, you can either do a modified push up or your toes on the floor. You get to choose. Next, the front lunge, be sure to step out keeping your toes forward and your knee over that toe.

Which means you are going to have to slightly lean your body forward to really get your booty firing. Now, if you only have 10 minutes in your busy day, this is a great way to lose it. For more great tips, find us on sharecare.com.