3 Workouts for a Busy Schedule

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with a solution for squeezing workouts into your busy schedule. Time is one of the biggest excuses for putting of an active life style, so try three tips to turn every day activity into exercise. Build abs while you wait, don't waste time standing in line or watching your computer reboot, use that time to stand tall, clench your butts, suck in your belly and tighten your abs, hold this for 10 seconds and repeat until your weight is over.

Move your stationary bike in front of the TV then drag your coach far away, now you have to work out while you watch. This simple move can add hours of activity to your day, finally pick up the pace, whether you're vacuuming or mowing alone. Turn on some fast music and get moving, you'll burn more calories and finish in less time.

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